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The planet health TV COUNSEL recognizes the need to do individual non medical therapy from the individual well being point of view, and is directed towards resolving personal conflicts, behaviors, relationship difficulties and intergenerational conflicts. Counseling is a concept that has existed for a long time. It is a process that occurs when a client and counselor set aside time in order to explore difficulties which may include the stressful or emotional feelings of the client. This can enable the client to focus on feelings, experience or behavior, with a goal to facilitate positive change.

Unprecedented economic, digital and social changes have, over the years, changed the ways we manage our lives .consequently, not all the lessons of the past can effectively deal with the challenges of the modern times. One of its kind effective counseling at The Planet Health TV has become very important nowadays.

The need of counseling has become paramount in order to promote the wellbeing of the society at Effective counseling should help to improve the self-image of every individual and facilitate achievement in life. Counseling should empower everyone to participate fully in, and benefit from, the economic and social development of the nation.

Simple step by step process

We follow very professional approach for counseling which include 5 stages as below

Initial disclosure ---

The first step involves building a relationship and focuses on engaging clients to explore issue that directly affect them. In the initial disclosure stage of counseling, clients must be helped to articulate their personal concerns and to place those concerns in a context so that the counselor can understand the personal meanings and significance the client attaches to them. To define the problem is the first step in learning the meaning of the situations of the particular client.

in depth exploration---

This step involves the collection and classification of information about the client’s life situation and reasons for seeking counseling. The process that facilitates formulation of a new sense of direction builds on the conditions of the initial disclosure stage and becomes possible only if trust has been built in that first stage and is maintained. The first stage merges into the second stage as the counselor perceives the client's readiness.

Commitment to action

Setting goal is very important to the success of counseling. It involves making a commitment to a set of conditions, to a course of action or an outcome. In this stage clients have to realize how his or her own behavior related to accomplishing the goals that have been clarified through the counseling process. This stage includes recognizing possible alternative courses of action (or decision) the clients might choose and evaluating each of them in terms of the likelihood of outcomes.

Counseling intervention ---

There are different points of view concerning what a good counselor should do with clients depending on the theoretical positions that the counselor subscribes to.

Evaluation, Termination or Referral --

For the beginning counselor, it is difficult to think of terminating the counseling process. However, all counseling process, as they are more concerned with beginning the counseling process. However all counseling aims towards successful termination. Terminating the counseling process will have to be conduct with sensitivity with the client knowing that it will have to an end.

Our panel of Experts

Our expert panel counselors are seasoned professionals, friendly and dedicated to helping people to find the right solution in a variety of areas. They engage & connect with each individual as therapist, to addressing the needs of members, and to ensure a positive user experience to each person who visits our website. They are committed to furthering awareness of the benefits of psychotherapy, to reducing harm and stigma, making them emotionally stronger. Every day we connect people seeking therapy to carefully screened professionals, and we educate the people who take our services and social media about important issues and developments and their mental well being.

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It’s easy to find a counselor but perhaps more difficult to know if you’ve found one who is right for you. There are a number of questions you can ask that will help you to choose a counselor.

1) Can the counselor clearly define how he or she can help you to solve whatever issue or concern has brought you to therapy?

Experienced counselors explain how they can help, are able to give you a basic “road map,” to their approach, and can even give an indication of how you will know when therapy is finished.

2) Is my identity kept confidential/ private ?

Yes we value your privacy is of utmost importance, your identity is kept anonymous, not disclosed to anyone.

3) In what ways/ options I have to get counseling?

Phone/Audio call
Video call
Customised plans

4) Does the counselor have experience helping others with the particular issues for which you are seeking therapy?

Yes our counselors are handpicked & mapped with each therapy/ skill area. The more experience counselor have addressing a particular issue, concern, or problem area, the more expertise they have developed solving others problems in the past. They do give past No name basis examples too.

5) Does the counselor make guarantees or promises?

It’s important for a counselor to provide hope but not absolute unconditional guarantees. Usually it takes multiple sessions. If you have the will to change and put in the necessary time and energy, healing is possible. Most of our wounds and defenses are the result of what has happened to us and to those around us. So, although everyone is capable of healing, changes can take years to happen for some people; unfortunately, because time is limited, some may never achieve the level of healing they desire in this lifetime

6) How many sessions it usually takes to address complete issue/ your therapy?

Our expert counsellors do a preliminary assessment in 1st session. Will give you some hint. Usually it takes 3-4 session, thereafter could be more, depending upon the nature & intensity of your self problem need. Choice is yours, we advise.