Service Ethics & compliance


The planet health Tv group & its member firms ensures high professional and Ethical standards, and demonstrate these standards every day through the delivery of quality professional services

We understand that doing the right thing means operating within the letter and then spirit of the laws that govern their professions and the global marketplace.

Integrity and Ethical Behavior are both core to aspects of the planet health TV culture. We It guides our people in making business decisions, in the actions they take, and in the way they treat their clients and each other.

The planet health TV sustains this culture by providing an open and consultative environment, which encourages society to raise issues and discuss differences of opinion.

As a part of our security & privacy policy, we sign a contractual agreement with clearly defined clauses with clients.

We adhere to strict professional business ethics built on strong integrity & professional values. Illustrative exclusions are listed below .

  • Hiring or engaging unethical people, business associates.
  • Making misleading or inaccurate reports.
  • Disregard client policies.
  • Discussing terms, price & details with client competitors.
  • Undertaking an activity without client authorization.