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We understand People often seek legal counselor and doctors when a private, serious matter occurs, online websites provide an easy, confidential way to evaluate attorneys.

The planet health TV also specializes in listing and ratings of trusted doctors and lawyers. We certify them tailored to your needs on well defined parameters in your city.

There are loads of low skill doctors in India, hospitals /diagnostic centers who are nothing but money machines going to any extent but provide good quality treatment. There are no defined minimum entry criteria for Indian healthcare practitioners.

If someone requires a lawyer civil/ criminal in India it’s a huge challenge how to find the right lawyer to get you the “right’ justice. Many don’t have even basic college education. There’s no defined minimum entry criterion for Indian legal practitioners.

Many questions also arise when client looking for right Doctors and Lawyers

How do I get the Right Doctors /Lawyer?

He or She is capable of providing me justice?

Do they have the depth & breadth- Subject matter EXPERTISE?

Does their management team have such robust professional Global credentials?

Do they have such Passionate mission from the gut of the heart?


Draws on stringent rating done on parameters such as educational degree, background verification, social background, client feedback. Direct client input on a lawyer's qualities provides you with another perspective and key information as you make your choice for legal services. Turning to The planet Health TV web-based information makes better sense. If you buy a product or service online, no matter how insignificant, you'll likely have a chance to review and rate the purchase and the provider somewhere.

Doctor Parameters: educational degree, background verification, social background, client feedback and some Peer Review Ratings. Client Review provides ratings on a lawyer's service and relationship skills in the following categories

Legal knowledge

Case contest ability


Quality of service

Value for money

We understand, it’s very important to get right advice and counseling just when you need it.


The Planet Health TV offers personalized search that gets smarter as you type, guiding you to what you need - instantly. Set your parameters and we do the rest - learning about your preferences and improving results with each search. Whether you need a doctor, hospital, nursing home or pharmacy, we comb through thousands of credentials - accreditation, ,Doctor Parameters : education verification, qualifying grade, background check, specialties, awards, - to give you the choices that best meet your health care needs.

Hospital/Clinic Parameters: medical degree verification, qualifying grade, background check, authorization, minimum investment, quality standards, doctor’s panel, specialties, awards.

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